Every season is related to specific colours, and with those colours come certain feelings. It’s been said that colours can affect emotions, behaviour and stress levels.

Fashions may come and go, but one thing that stays is the idea of dressing in seasonal colours. Seasonal colours are hues that mirror the shades seen in four seasons of nature. Each season has its own set of conventional colours that are typically related to it. Just like the infamous speech from Devil wears Prada, “there is in fact a room full of people hand selecting what colour palette you’ll subconsciously buy for the next few months”.

The forecast of colour trends is made at the Pantone Colour Institute in New Jersey. Founded in 1962, it describes itself as helping companies “make the foremost informed decision about colour for their brands or products”. Present day fashion and commercial industries rely heavily on this forecast annually.

Summer is understood for being fun and casual. In this season temperatures are rising, the sun is shining bright, trees are growing green and flowers are blooming thousands of different hues of reds, oranges and purples, one would possibly not realize it but seeing all these colours has a lot to do with bringing forth that burst of youthful energy and need for excitement often felt during the warmer months. Summer colours are all about vibrant, rich and bold colours – inspiration taken from the sunshine, ocean and summer blooms. The specific colours for the summer season includes white, lemon yellow, red, mandarin orange, bold pink / fuchsia, turquoise, and royal blue.

The top colours that can be mix matched this summer includes yellow, pale purple(Very Peri Pantone’s colour of the year), lime, bright pink,sunset orange, Kelly green.

With the choice of colours comfort also plays a very essential role in the garments worn during summers. For the comfort in ones clothing women can select drapes, jumpsuits, indo-western and various other types of flowy outfits which are comfortable yet elegant to wear during summers. Seasonal colours could be incorporated in these outfits by selecting colours recommended above. Trendy seasonal colours can also be incorporated through accessories such as jewellery, shoes, purses, scarves etc.

Incorporating seasonal colours into your wardrobe is a cinch if you create capsule wardrobes. Everyone can make use of this to make a collection suitable for them for summers. “Summer dress makes you more beautiful than the rest”- Red House Painters, “Summer Dress”.