The fashion business is characterized by its rapid speed of change, its emphasis on luxurious designer labels, and its overall prominence. Despite the fact that the business is frequently linked to flash and glamour, it is largely dependent on the artisans and plays an essential part in ensuring the livelihood and financial security of millions of artisans all over the world.

The fashion industry provides a market for these artisans' creations, allowing them to reach a worldwide audience. Fashion designers and brands actively seek out artisanal craftsmanship and incorporate them into their designs, helping to preserve traditional techniques and support local communities. When we wear clothes that have been hand-woven or hand-crafted, we are not only wearing beautiful designs, we are also wearing the creativity, emotions, and years of knowledge that went into making those clothes, be it the fabrics, the dye or the embellishments.

Skilled artisans with or without specialized training make one-of-a-kind designs by hand using time-honored methods that have been handed down through the centuries. The embroidery artisans are often located in rural areas and work in small-scale production units.Their products are made in small batches, ensuring that each item is unique and precious.Embroidery is a highly skilled craft that requires hours or even days of work and attention to detail.

Similarly, using hand-woven fabrics is another way the fashion industry promotes artisanal craftsmanship. There are hundreds of handloom clusters which produce these fabrics, and each cluster having its own type of fabric.By incorporating these fabrics into their designs, fashion designers provide a market for weavers and help to support their livelihoods. The fashion industry also gives craftsmen and artisans proper training and assistance, allowing them to enhance their skills and abilities, and create new techniques.

Not to forget here the dyers or printerslike hand block who add the mood to the fabrics or the apparels. The mix of dyes or colours is a scientific art so that the resulting coloursare accurate, adding to that the color fastness.

Designers like us, be it MadaSasaor any other brand, would never be able to make what we do without these artisans and karigars. They add colours to our imaginations and ornament them.We work in syncwith them as they create beautiful fabrics and embroideries for us.