Flowers have long been a source of inspiration for fashion designers. From the vibrant colors to the intricate shapes and patterns, flowers offer endless possibilities for creating unique and beautiful designs. Roses, Tulips and some other flowers have commonly been used by designers. Similarly wild flowers, with their natural and untamed beauty, have also inspired fashion in many ways. Wild flowers have been a popular subject for prints and patterns in fashion, from dainty wild flower prints on dresses and lehengas to bold wildflower patterns on jackets and co-ord sets, designers have been inspired by the natural beauty of wildflowers to create unique and whimsical looks. Designers have been influenced by the textures and shape of wild flowers, their petals, stalks and leaves, to create distinctive and detailed patterns in their creations. Whether it's a casual dress with delicate lace detailing or a semi bridal with intricate floral embroidery, wildflowers have motivated designers to create pieces with romantic and feminine touch. The usage of wild flower in Bohemian fashion is extensive as wild flowers are frequently connected with boho fashion, which is noted for its carefree,  relaxed and flowy patterns. The bohemian style is characterized by flowing fabrics, natural colors, and intricate details, all of which are inspired by the natural beauty of wild flowers. Wildflowers have also influenced the shape and silhouette of clothing. Flowy, loose-fitting dresses and tops with billowing sleeves evoke a sense of free-spiritedness and are reminiscent of fields of wildflowers. We at Mada Sasa are delighted to deliver eloquent designer lehengas, Indo-western dresses, asymmetrical co-ord sets portraying the distinctiveness and beauty of wild flowers, and see women from all walks of life bring about a shift in their style and reinvent themselves, sometimes even bring out the other side of them.
Wild flowers come in a variety of colours, ranging from gentle pastels to brilliant and dramatic colors. These natural color palettes have inspired fashion designers to produce apparel and accessories in earthy tones, resulting in a natural and subtle appeal. Wildflowers are often associated with sustainable and eco-friendly fashion which is one of the key aspects Mada Sasa stands for.