Women in India are evolving, and in all aspects. Be it business evident from the influx of women entrepreneurs, or be it lady corporate honcos, be it females in politics, or be it simply fashion and the way they dress up, or be it their boldness, independence and self-confidence. Women of today are not restricted to running just small business, they are ambitious enough to not just work lower down the organisational hierarchy, they do not shy away before speaking out their mind, and they do not hesitate in flaunting their style. It’s all evident from the growing digits of female entrepreneurs, and we would love to flaunt some of them here today.

Not only smashing all the taboo about periods, but also educating young girls on science behind period, ADITI GUPTA has created a comic book guide named Menstrupedia. When she was young there was a sense of shame whenever her periods were mentioned. She wants to educate the young girls about the periods and thus came up with the comic book “A guide to periods”, wherein all the characters are based on her real life experience, and targets girls aged nine and above. That book is getting great response all over the globe. A true manifestation about how women are standing and fighting against the taboo.


The traditional stereotype expects a woman to quit her job after she has children. Or consider a job after the children have grown up. But Nykaa founder FALGUNI NAYAR put an end to the stereotype thinking of the society. She launched Nykaa at the age of 49. Working and growing in the corporate world, cementing her professional career, she has created an e-commerce platform selling beauty products for women. Today Nykaa has approximately 2400+ brands, 1.9 lakh+ product & 2000+ work force, mainly women. It is a leading e-commerce platform with many physical stores as well.

The E-commerce industry is full of male-dominated giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and many more. To be the only female entrepreneur making a place among them was nothing short of thrill for RADHIKA GHAI, Co-founder, of Shopclues. Now she is back with her second venture kindlife.in

Sugar Cosmetics, a popular cosmetic brand today was again founded by a lady entrepreneur VINEETA SINGH. She started her business in 2015 mainly keeping young girls in mind, and she’s build a million-dollar company. She overcame a lot of challenges because women were not used to shopping beauty product online and instead they would buy mostly from stores. She did her research and made her products friendly to young girls and ladies.

The women up here reflect the change. India has changed their perspective towards business women, and they are becoming a power and influence in the world of business. They are coming with fresh ideas and innovation, and most female founders are solving problems that no one else was paying attention to. Indian women are all over the globe.

We at Mada Sasa realise this change happening every day as we see lots of women from urban locations shifting from ethnic wear to Indo-westerns, and a large number of our clients being working women, from senior professionals to handling business ventures. Even the women in semi-urban or parts of rural India are gradually moving from sarees to suits. It’s a metamorphosis, women are scaling in all aspects, and so is India.