Sarees are trendy, modern and gorgeous, which can be worn on both formal and casual occasions. Sarees have also evolved as a perfect garment for all sorts of parties and events. As it make you seem sensual and attractive, it also spoils us with a wide range of options. So wear a saree that is appropriate for your height, body type, and comfort. There is no other costume which is as adaptable and practical as this one. So, here are some gorgeous saree draping ideas for a party.

  1. Pallu on the left side: This is the most basic way to wear a saree. Bring the pallu to the left shoulder after pleating the saree around the waist. You can either pin it in a single layer or pleat the pallu to make it look neater. This is determined by the sort of saree you are wearing and your level of comfort. Single layer pallu is chosen for casual gatherings while wearing chiffon, satin, or net sarees, whereas pleated pallu is preferred for formal events when wearing something like kanchi pattu sarees.


  1. Right Side Pleated Pallu: If you're tired of wearing your pallu on the left side, switch to the right side. You can wear it on your right shoulder instead of your left. It may not appear to make much of a difference in words, but when you put it on, it gives you a whole different look.



  1. Pleats in the back: This is an unusual technique to drape your saree. Normally, sarees are pleated in the front at the waist, but this approach pleats them in the back. It produces an interesting pattern on the back and is a great opportunity to experiment with your saree.


  1. Half Side Saree Drape: Take your saree one round around your waist before pleating and tucking it in. Simply pleat and tuck your saree in the front so that half of the saree is covered and the other half is simply your skirt. Just make sure your saree is paired with a good skirt.



  1. Pallu Wrapped Around the Neck: Wrapping your pallu around your neck after you've donned your saree is a trendy way to wear it. Cotton sarees and contemporary blouses are both suited for this procedure. It's a carefree and enjoyable way to wear your saree. This look is appropriate for young women who wish to make a statement with their saree ensemble.


  1. Pleats on the right side and the extreme left pallu: Pleats are typically formed and tucked in the centre of the waist. However, in this case, you'll need to tuck it in on the extreme right side of your waist to make it visible. The pallu is then taken to the extreme left of the shoulder and pinned. If you're wearing a shirt with a front pattern and want to show it off, this is the way to drape it.