Fashion is not only a reflection of our everyday lives, occupation, and experiences, but also a representation of who we want to be. Starting from Bollywood, which has long been a source of inspiration for fashion trends, and has served outfit inspiration for generations to wear and look stunning. Television, magazines, friends & family, etc. all act as influencers. Everyone, especially teenagers, wants to be accepted by others in some manner. As a result of this want to belong, people convince themselves that they must modify their attitudes or beliefs in order to be accepted by others. Thus even peers may be influenced to wear a certain kind of outfit according to the peer group tastes and preferences. An individual’s occupation also influences the way they incorporate fashion in their daily life for example a person working in a corporate would wear something like a pant suit, shirt and wide bottom trousers along with a classy blazer, they can also opt for business casuals such as jumpsuits or also incorporate Indian formals such as Kurtis or sarees.  Fashion changes in various ways and at varying rates throughout cultures and historical periods and well as occasion. Every occasion or social get-together calls for a different sense of style and fashion, for example if you’re attending a funeral, your attire must be modest, neat, and respectful, for a baby or bridal showers you’ll want to wear something that lets you move around easily and mingle with other guests. A comfortable yet feminine look, like a drape dress, jumpsuits or pants with a festive top, will be right in line with the cause for celebration. For a holiday party a flashy jumpsuit or a tailored suit in your favourite colour would be appropriate. Don’t be afraid to embellish your dress or suit with fun accessories like necklaces, dangling earrings, or sequins.  Thus beginning from childhood to adulthood the society has influenced us all in some or the other ways as to how we put forward ourselves and curate our personal style.