We frequently conflate fashion with style. Style is the capacity to clearly navigate a sea of options, make a decision, and do it in a way that is consistent with how we view ourselves. We elegantly affix our distinctive mark on a collection of items. Additionally, there are always options in our wardrobes; it simply depends on whatever component of our identities we want to express through our clothing that particular day. Fashion stylists is one of the growing occupations in worldwide fashion industry, a fashion stylist uses current trends to develop a unique look for a certain person. The person can be anyone who wants to project a unique image of themselves, including models, actors, celebrities, time-constrained businesspeople, bride to be, and even regular people.

There are celebrity stylists who create a distinctive image for celebrities, which could be connected to a specific film, television programme, social events, or an overall shift in how things are perceived. Some of the leading fashion stylists are Anaita Shroff Adajania, Tanya Ghavri, Shaleena Nathani, and Mohit Rai.

Personal stylists again refer to a different category of fashion stylists who assist those who require a comprehensive makeover and image modification. To ascertain which style will best fit a customer, personal stylists collaborate closely with them. Now people are more concerned about their day to day look, so they hire personal stylist.Few of them are Aradhna Baruah, Vinita Makija, Priyanka kapadiya, and Sania Momin.

A fashion stylist may give a conventional item of clothing a unique or trendy style that could become popular in the fashion world. Some Designers and stylists too work closely. A lot of preparation goes into the work of a fashion stylist. Every little detail needs to be given attention to. More and more individuals are discovering the value of improving one's entire appearance in increasing self-confidence, which will then have an impact on how they interact with other people. As a result, more and more individuals worldwide are turning to fashion stylists.