Everybody is beautiful. Everybody has a different shape and size; all we have to do is understand our body type and accept the uniqueness that each one of us carry. Some of us are tall, some are curvy, others have narrow shoulders, some have broad hips - we are all unique. Each of us are lovely in our own ways. Body shape is determined by factors such as genes, age, structure of bone, muscle, and lifestyle. Each body type is described in categories based on shapes, such as triangle, rectangle, inverted triangle, oval, and hourglass.

  1. Rectangle or straight body shape

Rectangle is the body type which is lean and straight, these body types have identical shoulder, breast, and hip widths. Measure your shoulders, bust, and hip breadth to see if you're a rectangle

A tube dress and a stylish belt would look stunning together. They not only complement your body's form but also draw attention to your features.

  1. Triangle or pear body shape

A pear body type has a narrow top, broader hips and legs, similar to how a pear is formed. You are likely having a pear-shaped body type if your shoulders and breast are noticeably smaller than the breadth of your hips.

Opt for clothing with brighter colours on the upper body and darker colours on the middle and lower body, boat necks, wide necks, and tops with embellishments or patterns that accentuate your bust line.

  1. Inverted triangle

An inverted triangle, often known as an upside-down triangle, is another form with larger proportions on the top than on the bottom. If your waist is smaller than your hips and bust combined you have an inverted triangle body shape.  

Satin dresses, V-necks, A-line dresses and skirts, shorts, slender necklace, long dresses, bell-bottoms, and sequin skirts

  1. Hourglass

The traditional bombshell form has an hourglass figure. This body type is so-called because of the way your waist is shaped in relation to your bust and hips.

Wear wide belts over your shirt or dress, wraparound shirts and skirts, flowing dresses, tops or dresses with pleated waists.

  1. Oval

These body types are more likely to accumulate weight in the stomach first. The broadest part of the body is the waist, which is not strongly defined. The legs are slim, and the buttocks are flat. Your breast will be bigger than the rest of your body if your body is oval-shaped.


In order to elongate your midsection, you can also wear wrap-around tops, skirts, and jackets. You can also wear vertical stripes, belted dresses and tops fish-cut or flared skirts.


Thus, understanding your body type helps in selecting the right outfits and helps improve your style quotient.