We all know that body shaming is a societal evil. But, the world can be brutal sometimes. The society often comments or advises women to improve their body which never seems to end. Women are inclined towards certain sizes which appear to be "perfect" and this issue remains consistent. The forever obsessions of having an ideal body type like the celebrities, force women to fit into that exact mould. The scope of shaming is wide, women face fat shaming, thin shaming, height shaming. They get shamed of their body shape, hairiness, hair colour, masculinity and their facial features leading to the reduction of self-esteem. According to the statistics, females who don't fit in this "perfect body type" not only face difficulties in finding the right clothes, but also lack self-confidence, and constantly look for approval. Consequently, they suffer from immense trauma and go through psychological damage which may take years to recover.

Now, it's high time to realise that body positivity begins with self-love. Accepting ourselves for who we are should be our main motto. Our society should change its views towards the human body and it's reality. The world revolving around us should be more inclusive of other body types apart from the ones which we often see in media. A women's personality cannot be decided from her shape but her outfits, accessories, mannerisms, etiquettes and her confidence. Currently, the fashion world has started introducing plus size models and fashion catering to real women, though the end result is still far away from reality.

True beauty comes from within, and that makes you glow on the outside. You just need to wear a smile with your favourite dress. Women of any body type, should have certain drape dresses, gowns and indo-western dresses in their wardrobe to flaunt them and carry them with confidence. Some Boutiques from Kolkata have designer garments for women of all body types. We at Mada Sasa beilive in "Flaunt your dresses and break the stereotype". Focusing on this fact, our brand has helped women give up their idea of gaining weight or losing it. The women who do not meet the social criteria come to us for a change. We make dresses for undersized or oversized women keeping in mind their comfort and fashion. Breaking the stereotypes may be tough but we at Mada Sasa has eased it for our clients, and come up with certain innovative styles. We have made every shape and type acceptable to society. Bodies are never perfect but outfits can be. Every scar is beautiful and it needs to be carried in a creative way.