Accessories can level up your outfit and transform your look. They can change the status of a drab outfit or verbalise a formal dress. So, ladies need to spice up their dresses with fanciful jewelleries every time they get ready. Attiring oneself with different accessories and making them your style statement can be fun.

Accessories must be perfect and appropriate according to the places one visits. If someone is wearing jewellery to work then that should be very conservative. Stud earrings, small and dainty jewelleries are best for work. Accessories worn at work should not be distracting. For a formal event, one should consider herself wearing gemstones and fine jewellery, a stoned watch and a pair of gorgeous sandals. When hanging out with friends, or going on a date - one can create a daring look adding on to it a playful and funny mode of your personality.

When it comes to jewellery, there are a lot of options - necklaces, earrings, watches, rings and bracelets. Jewelleries are available in different shapes, lengths, materials and widths. A stud earring can be a good part for a beginner as they can go with any outfit or jewellery and can be perfect for any occasion. If wearing a busy outfit containing loud prints, then jewelleries chosen must be a bit more subdued. If you are wearing a plain and simple outfit, it can be paired up with any creative jewellery. But in case of an outfit well embellished with embroideries, a simple earring will be enough. Apart from the outfits and dresses, accessories, jewelleries, watches and shoes, even the technique of makeup should be done perfectly. This showcases a woman's personality, choice, confidence and most importantly her dressing sense.

Accessories enhance Mada Sasa garments. Some of our drape dresses can be paired up with creative jewelleries, indo western dresses can go with stud or dangling earrings, and wedding collections can be coupled with bridal makeup and heavy or gorgeous jewelleries. Cocktail dresses made by us can be carried out with chunky neckpiece, and tunics looks nice with a pair of simple sandal, a branded watch and a cool leather bag. Check out the Designer boutiques in Kolkata, and ornament them with your accessories.