In India, some of women's health issues are still not openly discussed. Till date it is still considered a taboo to discuss about breast cancer, pregnancy, changes in Menstruation, cramps, irregularities and problems faced after menopause. Women also suffer from hypertension, diabetes, urinal infections and tumours (uterus), some are under proper treatment and others are not. As discussed earlier, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and heart diseases have been ranked as the most common wellness and health issues in women. They also suffer from depression and anxiety, according to statistics.

These issues need to be discussed more proactively in open for timely treatment or medication, people need to be made aware of the consequences and risks otherwise, as they may not only transform into serious health conditions if not looked into early, but may also affect the quality of life. Females need to get their tests done annually and keep track of the reports to know the changes in their body. They mustn't ignore any kind of irregular bleeding, severe abdominal pain or any lump in the breast, be it small or large. Fatigue, breathlessness, or light-headedness may indicate something severe and should be reported to the doctor ignoring. Anxiety attacks or depression should not be given a blind eye either, and proper consultations are important.

Women being affectionate, always put their family first, and very often find no time for themselves. This costs not only their lifestyle, but may be also their life. Keep oneself first is not a sin, and should not should not bother about not being able to keep up to the expectations of the family and society.

Another important aspect to wellness is having a balanced and nutritious diet, and adding onto it a bit of physical activities or workouts can keep you fit. Taking a break from work and sleeping for six to eight hours a day is a must. In leisure time, taking up a hobby, or spending some time with family or friends, or simply just chilling add quality to your health. For some women - shopping can be a great escape from every day’s mundane life, retail therapy as we call it.

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