After the blazing heat of summer, the monsoon provides a sigh of relief. However, rains might get you wet and make you seem sloppy if you're out celebrating during this season. When it comes to fashion, the monsoon season might be your moment to stand out. When you're at home, reading your favourite book and enjoying a cup of coffee, rainy days look idyllic. The primary issue, occurs when you need to leave your home.

The monsoon season not only provides lovely rainfall, but also dreary weather therefore pop colours will brighten your look. Pink, blue, orange, and yellow look great when mixed with neutrals. Wearing light clothing and quick-drying fabrics will ensure that you look and feel prepared for the forthcoming wet season. If you want to enjoy the rain, you should choose cotton, crape or chiffon fabric garments since they dry quickly. Cotton is breathable and completely lightweight, so it's a good choice if you don't want to get wet. Loose-fitting clothing such as drape dresses, asymmetric Kurtis and flared dresses, is simple to wear. Tunics are also a great choice for a comfy monsoon look. Tunics should be loose and not too tight, and composed of a light fabric. To compensate for the drab and dismal weather, choose bold and dark hues. This monsoon, complete your look with jewellery, shoes, and purses in eye-catching designs and colours. Accessorize with bags in clashing hues and designs this monsoon. If it's pouring and the weather is dreary, a bright-coloured purse may liven up your outfit. It is best to wear metal, stone, or plastic accessories during this season. If you are still carrying that black umbrella, perhaps it's time to try something new. After all, an umbrella may add some vibrancy to your rainy blues! The last thing you want is to put on your favorite shoes only to have them destroyed by a rainfall halfway through your commute. But you don't have to sacrifice style simply because the seasons change. There are several monsoon-proof shoe alternatives to pick from, including PVC shoes, canvas shoes, and plastic shoes. Hope these fashion tips for monsoon help you upgrade your monsoon wardrobe!