A woman's pregnancy is a bittersweet experience. During pregnancy, your body size changes and you can no longer fit into your previous clothes. This necessitates the purchase of whole new clothing. However, one widespread misconception about maternity wear is that you can't look attractive and comfortable at the same time. Finding suitable clothing combinations when pregnant may be especially tough, not just because of the extra weight you must carry, but also because of the extra curves that come with a changing pregnancy body. The good news is that pregnancy Kurtis, drape dresses, and gowns are specifically created to accommodate pregnant bodies effectively.

The V-neck is the most flattering neckline for pregnant ladies Gathers, drapes, and ruching offers your clothing a beautiful profile and an overall balanced look. The length of your hemlines is another fantastic approach to improving your overall appearance. Uneven lengths at the ankle or knee will produce an intriguing asymmetry while highlighting the hump. While solid colors look fantastic on all pregnant women, you may also try out modestly sized patterns and floral designs for a more cheerful look. Choose colors that make you joyful and optimistic. If you want to layer your clothing, make sure it suits your top or dress. Whether you choose primary bright or beautiful pastels, stick to one statement piece and pair it with neutral tones for simple elegance at work. Tight-fitting, unpleasant clothes have some dangers. Tight-fitting clothing can restrict circulation, make you feel hot, and contribute to infections, in addition to causing pain and suffering. Choose something breathable, flexible, soft, and/or loose-fitting instead. The trend of maternity attire has altered over the years, with more and more women opting to display their bulge rather than hide it. Previously, the idea was to disguise the bump by wearing baggy and larger size clothes, but this has changed and women now want to be trendier. Hence Mada Sasa is your one-stop designer boutique in Kolkata for fashionable Indo western wear catered according to your required size. Mada Sasa has everything you need to get through your pregnancy while staying loyal to your particular style, from Kurtis, tunics, gowns, one-piece dresses, and much more to cater to your requirements.