Vineeta's journey is an inspiring tale of determination and resilience. Born in a remote village in Bihar, she moved to Kolkata at a tender age of one. Despite hailing from a conservative Marwari family, Vineeta aspired to break free from traditional gender roles and pursue her dreams.

Her mother, influenced by societal norms, encouraged her to learn traditional skills such as mehendi, stitching, and cooking, which were deemed essential for marriage. However, Vineeta had different aspirations. She defied expectations and embarked on a path to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy.

However, her dreams were momentarily shattered when she got married during her second year of college. Despite the pressures from her in-laws to conform to societal expectations, Vineeta displayed unwavering determination. She completed her graduation and achieved remarkable success, securing the 40th rank nationwide and becoming the top-ranking female student from the East in Chartered Accountancy.

From there, Vineeta's journey only gained momentum. After gaining valuable experience in prominent IT companies, she established her own firm, ARVG & Associates, in Kolkata and Mumbai in 2011.
Fuelled by her newfound financial independence, Vineeta launched her own brand, 'VinzBerry,' in 2022. The brand focuses on female intimate care, wellness, and hygiene, while fostering a community of women who support and uplift each other. Vineeta's revolutionary product range caters to a spectrum of concerns, taking into consideration the diverse body types of Indian women.

Vineeta's story is a testament to her unwavering spirit. She pursued her ambitions against all odds, successfully balancing her personal and professional life. She defied societal expectations, empowered herself, and achieved what she set out to accomplish. Vineeta's determination and courage serve as an inspiration for women everywhere, reminding us that with dedication and perseverance, we can shatter barriers and create our own paths to success.