Ankita JP Shroff, the co-founder and director of Sustain & Save Pvt. Ltd., is a catalyst for change and a true champion of women empowerment. Her journey as an entrepreneur is an inspiring tale of resilience, achievement, and a commitment to sustainability.

Ankita's educational background exemplifies her dedication and drive. Ranking 15th among 5 lakh students in the state during her higher secondary education, she was recognized and awarded by the government for her exceptional grades and rank in the State Board. Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Ankita's remarkable abilities earned her the prestigious title of "BEST ALL ROUNDER OF MIT, PUNE." She further enhanced her skills by attending Imperial College Business School in London, where she pursued a Master's degree in Management.

As an entrepreneur, Ankita embarked on her first project, SAV Chemicals, in a male-dominated industry. Despite the challenges, she successfully led the company as its CEO and sold the startup for a remarkable 5 crores, yielding a 20-fold return on her investment of 25 lakhs. This achievement not only showcased her leadership and business acumen but also shattered gender stereotypes.

At Sustain & Save, Ankita continues to empower others by building a technology for integrating sustainability in each ones daily life. To promote Green Products and Green Services which help in achieving a Circular Economy, firmly believes in creating a legacy and giving back to society. Through her company and various initiatives she focuses on plastic reduction (PLogging) upcycling plastic and cloth waste, and actively promotes eco-friendly practices to reduce Co2 emission, Waste diversion and Water waste reduction.

In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Ankita is involved in her family dairy business " Sarda dairy and Food products" with the brand name Vachan, contributing to marketing and sales efforts in Vidarbha region. She also monitors the sales of her father's real estate business, showcasing her versatility and business acumen across multiple industries.

Ankita's remarkable achievements have garnered recognition from esteemed organizations. She has been awarded titles such as "PUNE’s ChangeMaker as the Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur" by INDIA TODAY, "Pune’s 30 under 30 for Embarking a Sustainable Lifestyle" by Hindustan Times, Franchise India, and Femina, and various accolades from the government of Maharashtra and Lokmat Times. Her expertise and insights have led to invitations to speak at prestigious events such as Startup Grind and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit Headed by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, where she has shared her experiences and knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ankita is dedicated to empowering women through knowledge and learning. She firmly believes that financial awareness, wealth management, and versatility are crucial for women in every aspect of life, whether it be personal finance, running a business, or excelling in various roles.

As the Co-Chair at Young Indian, Pune, Ankita actively contributes to the empowerment of young individuals and promotes initiatives that support personal and professional growth.

While balancing her successful career with motherhood, Ankita acknowledges the challenges faced by women in managing both aspects. Her ability to navigate these challenges demonstrates her unwavering determination and resilience.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ankita finds joy in traveling, hiking, Yoga and badminton while embracing the world of startups, technology, and sustainability. Her journey as an entrepreneur is best described as a vibrant circus of life, symbolized by Consistency, Initiation, Reflection, Collaboration, Utilization, and Socializing. Her mantra is to enjoy this circus, stay energized, and never tire.

Ankita's inspiring story exemplifies the power of women in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership. Through her accomplishments, she paves the way for future generations of women, fostering empowerment and driving positive change in society.