India thrives with beautiful festivals and innumerable cultural seasons, which brings along celebrations, amusement, and excitement. Your feet never tire of dancing, your hands never want to leave the native cuisines alone, and you just cannot stop pestering about what to wear.

Indian festival celebrations range from simply exquisite to spectacularly extravagant, from totally traditional to modern-contemporary, and are yet another reason to dress to impress. The fashion market is progressive and ever-changing, and modern and trendy ethnic apparel with Indian craftsmanship has a certain allure about it that draws us in. No Indian woman's wardrobe is complete without a few embellished tunics with harem pants or skirts, Indo-westerns, cocktail dresses, some sarees and Kurtis. Our flowy drapes with fine crafted embroideries or characteristic kurties enhances the mood of wearing festive apparel while also bringing a touch of flexibility and urban flair. The exotic fashion trends for 2022 include sorbet and rosy shades of brilliant pink, lavender, and charcoal gray, as well as dupattas in a variety of colours.

This year's Trending Women's Ethnic Outfits will emphasize vintage elegance as well as a more vibrant modern look. If you're undecided about whether to wear a sequined kurta, a kurti set, or a vivid lehenga to shape this holiday season, we've put together a list of some interesting and popular outfit ideas for you to consider.


Tie-Dyed Shibori Outfits

One of the most trending Indian apparel trends in 2022 is tie-dye and shibori printed dresses. They are incredibly fashionable, sure to turn heads, and a great way to convey a historic, prized art through ethnic dressing. Your pearls or stone jewellery will look wonderful with a shibori outfit. To offer yourself that matched look, match your lip and eye colours to the colour pallet of your tie-dye dress.

This trend is diversified, dynamic, and on-point for holiday events, and it is gorgeous in both delicate shades and brilliant hues.


The Fringe Fashion

Fringes on Indian garments are no longer on the outskirts. More edgy outfits will be seen on the runway and red carpet in 2022. Tassels are ubiquitous in Indian design, from off-shoulder blouses to the margins of Kurtis.

Fringes offer to a gown a luxury aesthetic without displaying too much skin, which is ideal for most Indian women. Furthermore, they are flattering on all body types and shapes and can give you a sophisticated and fashionable overall appearance.


Belted Outfits

Belts have been seen on Indian women's dress for a few years now. One of the major motivations for belts' enduring popularity in Indian fashion is that they highlight our inherent curves. They not only constrict your waist, but they also enhance the outfit's fashion factor.

Embroidered belts paired with flowy kurtas and a complementing robe are one of the greatest ways to wear belts in 2022. Additionally, you might choose a metallic one. Make sure, however, that the belts you adorn are a good fit for your body shape. Petite women, for example, should use narrow belts, whilst tall women should choose broad straps.


Feathery Lehengas

Feathers are no longer considered bothersome! They are, on the alternative, dominating the runways, both worldwide and domestic. Feathers are used throughout the attire, from the lehenga dupattas to the skirt's edges, to increase the glamor aspect.

Feathers over the ears are mostly a European style, but the Indian fashion industry has seen its share of feathers in the form of earrings and ornaments. Some Designers on the other hand are employing them to make the edges sharper this time.

As a result, weddings this year will most likely be a feathery event, with socialites donning pastel colours and minimalistic jewellery, accessories, and makeup to achieve this appearance.


In 2022, the ethnic fashion statement will be something to watch out for. Eager fashion designers are re-inventing trends in order to change the fashion paradigm. The Indian fashion market is booming with both western and ethnic elements, making the most popular stylish line of ethnic apparel more versatile, which are appropriate for a wide range of festive occasions.