Every occasion calls for a color specific outfit that matches with the overall mood. Different events require a variety of attire. The colors one wears symbolizes the contrasting characters of each individual as it is a communication tool and influences mood. One can either pick the color based on the mood they are already in or they can pick the color based on the mood they want to be in. 

In India, numerous festivities are celebrated. On Holi, women tend to wear white or other pastel colors. Similarly, on Diwali, women wear bright outfits and on Saraswati Puja they wear light colors like yellow. Like festivities, women also color coordinate outfits during weddings. Each event during a wedding is associated with a different color. For instance, the Haldi ceremony calls for a yellow attire while a Mehendi ceremony calls for a green attire. The bachelor party or cocktail party dress is usually a black stylish outfit, like a gown, jumpsuit or a drape. 

At Mada Sasa, the outfits are craftily designed for a variety of occasions. Each client is styled in an event specific attire. Our outfits are made in rich contrasting colors with detailed work that make each outfit unique. The outfit colors range from azure, wine, yellow, pastels etc and make the Mada Sasa wardrobe a one-stop solution for any outfit crisis. We keep ethnics and indo-westerns in warm hues like red, yellow and orange, and in cool colors like blue, green and purple.