A woman may have polished looks, perfect sense of style, elegance, tons of self-esteem, and confidence, but it’s etiquette, mannerism and behaviour which completes her, be it socially, personally or officially. Etiquette is how people should behave in public. Lady etiquette is way too different from regular social etiquettes. It enhances the beauty of a woman and helps her create a difference in the society. The lady etiquette not only involves elegance and style statement but also showcases her self-worth, self-love, kindness, courtesy, personal space limits and her patience.

Few etiquettes and mannerisms every women should follow:

  • The most important factor is punctuality. A woman who is always on time deserves respect as it speaks of her personality’s discipline and positive perception.
  • Grace can be another signature to your generosity. You should be treating other women the way you want to be treated.
  • Being kind to others and saying thank you after you get your work done is the first step of learning etiquette. This is a beautiful way of complimenting them, increasing their confidence, and making them happy.
  • Having formal table manners while having lunch or dinner with clients during work is necessary. She should know how to behave generally while eating out and avoid using smartphone while working.
  • Women must have an ability to control their feelings in extreme situations. This shows her politeness and gracious behaviour.
  • Drinking too much and staggering around the room may make you look disrespectful. Therefore, nobody should ever cross their limits and create some kind of scene in public.
  • Dressing according to the occasion is always necessary. Overdressing or application of excessive makeup may look over expressive. Tidy, polished looks and the right amount of accessories is important.

Infact elaborating on the last point, outfits have always created a difference in every woman's life and her personality. When someone's personality is enhanced, her etiquettes and mannerisms are seen to be perfect. Indo-western dresses, tunics, drape dresses, cocktail dresses from Mada Sasa have therefore worked hard for women and helped them reflect their confidence, look smart, poised and trendy.