Fashion is, without a doubt, the necessity of the hour. Whether it's street style fashion or hand-picked luxury fashion, there's something for everyone in Kolkata. Every trend has its own allure. Fashion is a catch-all phrase for everything that gives a person's individuality a splash of extravagance. Clothing and attire are the most essential aspects of this. In India, several states specialise in different fabrics and clothing. Kolkata, as one of India's most densely inhabited cities, has a strong sense of fashion and inexpensive materials. The city is known for being the most exciting city during the festival season. And with each festive period comes a surge in demand for low-cost clothing. There are numerous women's clothing stores with the most creative, rich and comfortable fabrics.

Women in Kolkata are solely responsible for the city's fashion industry. Ethnic clothing is in high demand in the city during Durga Puja. Various designer stores in Kolkata work throughout the year to meet the increased demand during the festival season. Bengali silk or tussar silk are commonly used in designer dupattas. These two materials are said to be the most popular among Kolkata ladies. These fabrics are available in a variety of styles and pricing points. Local designer boutiques make these items in a cost-effective yet fashionable manner. These local designer stores are visited by people from all over the world. The dupattas are entirely handcrafted, and the silk quality found in Kolkata is unparalleled in the world. Apart from silk dupattas, the ethnic sarees of Kolkata, such as the jamdani saree and the tant saree, are expertly crafted. These sarees are made of 100% cotton and silk. The unique feature of these fabrics is that there is no impurity throughout the manufacturing process. The residents handcraft these fabrics and sarees. There are no machines involved. This is one of the most notable characteristics of Kolkata sarees and dupattas. 

The prosperous month of Durga Puja in West Bengal coincides with an upsurge in silk saree production. Women dressed in regional ethnic clothing can be observed all around the city. The jamdani fabric is widely acknowledged as the most popular cotton fabric in India, and not just in West Bengal. This saree is entirely handmade and has a stunning appearance. Kolkata is well-known for its high-quality, low-cost cotton textiles. These fabrics lasts a lot longer than expected. In addition, Kolkata's jute cloth is both cheap and extensively made. Same applies for silk and cotton,  as several apparel items including as sarees, duppatas and suits are handloomed uniquely in Kolkata. Because of the low cost of labour in West Bengal, the textiles are luxurious and comfortable, yet inexpensive. Kolkata labour is highly competent in manufacturing while also being quite inexpensive.

To summarise, Kolkata, as a city of values and culture, offers three of the most amazing and cheap fabrics in the world. Jute cloth is available in an array of designs. Durga Puja festive season is symbolised by silk and cotton textiles. Different variations of these fabrics may be found in local designer and saree stores.