The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many aspects of our lives, including how we buy, exercise, and work from home. It has also influenced the way we dress. Since most individuals spent so much of 2020 confined to their homes, the days of formal business attire for the office and proper attire for night outs are long forgotten. Meanwhile, everyone opted attires for more comfortable, around-the-house options, such as laid-back sneakers and soft loungewear. Face masks, which have become the definitive, indispensable accessory of the last year, are also included in any overview of pandemic fashion. Here are some of the style trends that changed around the world during the pandemic.


Everything from how we work to how we shop to how we remain in shape has been changed by the epidemic. It has also had an impact on the way we dress. We are more relaxed in loungewear now that we are limited to our homes, as the days of business casual for the office or traditional evening dress for nights out have passed us by. Face masks have become the pinnacle, must-have accessory for years to come, and no pandemic fashion is complete without them.


People early in the winter had enthusiasm for at-home exercises instead of gym subscriptions and studio sessions, therefore apparel sales spiked in March. At the same time, there was an increase in home casualwear. Wearing a good top and earrings brightened up Zoom meetings and digital events as the months passed, while the development of modest dresses and swapping shirts with partners and roommates made getting dressed a little quicker.


Here is a list of 5 post pandemic fashion trends that changed our style in quarantine


Comfort wear


Women are looking for fashion pieces that are easy-going, relaxed, and comfy to wear while retaining a spectacular style element since work-from-home has become the new normal. Sportswear, sleepwear, kaftans and floral patterns became fashionable, as did denim, colour blocking, floral and flowing shapes, active wear, nightwear and loungewear. All of these trends will undoubtedly be popular for a long time. Clothing that serves several purposes will continue to be trendy.




Loungewear, the more easy going relative of sportswear, was one of the most popular items during the epidemic year, and it is still popular in 2021. Loungewear has become the new stay-at-home outfit, whether it's a coordinating co-ord set or a comfortable pair of sweatpants.


Stylish face masks


Masks are becoming a latest fashion symbol as a result of the epidemic and will be around for a long time, even in the post-COVID period. Masks are getting a trendy makeover, with all types of materials, designs, colours, and patterns being used. Some people may even wear funny quotations or unique prints. Personalized masks are particularly popular because they may be tailored to your preferences.


‘Zoom’ tops

While loungewear and sportswear are convenient when you have nowhere else to go, they aren't ideal for video conferences with your employer and colleagues. Enter Zoom calls, dressed professionally for formal video calls. Finding a stylish yet comfy piece, such as a puffed sleeved blouse or an airy button-down shirt, is crucial.



When gyms closed down due to the pandemic last year, internet exercise classes and workout regimens became incredibly popular. Activewear sales increased as a result of their arrival. For fitness aficionados, there are a plethora of fantastic brands to choose from.

All fashion trends point to an apparent cause in people's purchase decisions, and the primary sources of motivation are now comfort, sustainability, and, most crucially, highly personalised selections based only on what feels good on the body.